Aras Kareem

Born In Kurdistan, Iraq
Living in Amsterdam, Holland


Life itself is my major source of inspiration. Spontaneously I want to represent my feelings.

I am not an aesthetic. Beauty in its essentials does not interest me. I am searching for an answer for the antipodes of that experience.

Colour makes one really observant, not like the lens of the camera, but with your feelings, your psyche.

I never use a model. That would limit me too much. I work out of my head, using the memories of everything I have seen and experienced. If I start with a piece I never know what it will be. I touch the paper and everything comes.
The fight and the faces are in me. If they come out of my mind and the painting is finished I feel stronger.

I think more than I act, but I am not a philosopher. I consider the question itself being the thing that it is all about.